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The VELUX CVP INTEGRA® Electric Curved Glass Rooflight is ideal for Velux Flat Roof Extensions and is sold as a complete package including:

• 1 x CVP 0673QV (Electrically operated flat roof window base with double glazed insulating glass unit featuring laminated inner pane for safety)
• 1 x ISD 1093 (Curved Glass top cover)
• 1 x VELUX KLR 200 (INTEGRA® Control Pad)
• Plus rain sensor and all necessary fixings for installation.

VELUX have launched the World's first Curved Glass Rooflight and with the added bonus of being electrically operated.

An innovative flat roof window that features a unique curved glass surface, which lets in more daylight. Externally, the curved glass stands out as a modern addition to roof surfaces and is ideal for design conscious homeowners.

VELUX INTEGRA® flat glass units are supplied with an innovative touchscreen control pad. The pad is easy to use and allows you to control your windows and blinds effortlessly. The windows can even be programmed for regular opening, giving automatic ventilation and fresh air.

The technology behind the VELUX curved glass rooflight features CurveTech, an innovative curve-shaped glass top that lets rainwater easily drain off the surface – even on 0° pitched roofs. That means daylight is able to shine through without raindrops being an obstruction.

An ideal combination of insulating PVC frame and double-glazed, low-energy inner pane ensures heat doesn’t escape through the window, so your ideal indoor climate is maintained.

The curved glass is maintenance free. The shape provides natural drainage of rainwater so no need to regularly clean the surface. Toughened glass makes it virtually impervious to damage from the elements. Maintenance free PVC material used on the interior frame is easy to clean.

Key features:

• Innovative design featuring a Curve-shaped edge-to-edge glass, which allows raindrops to easily run off the glass surface.•
• Supplied with a clever touchscreen control pad, which can be used to operate multiple windows from a single pad.
• Insulating PVC frame and two-layer low-energy pane for optimal energy efficiency
• Compatible with a discreet heat protection awning blind for ideal indoor temperature
• Suitable for roof pitches from 0-15 degrees
• 3-layer glass construction with double glazed base and curved glass cover ensures optimal energy performance.
• Available in 8 sizes