VELUX GGU White Polyurethane SOLAR Powered Windows

VELUX GGU White Polyurethane SOLAR Powered Windows

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Product Description

VELUX GGU White Polyurethane INTEGRA® SOLAR windows are the perfect choice if you are looking for a maintenance free window that is powered by an intigrated solar cell and operated by a smart control panel,

The innovative control panels allow the user to operate multiple windows and blinds with a single pad. The INTEGRA® windows offer the ultimate in comfort and fill living spaces with light and ventilation. The INTEGRA® SOLAR windows offer the ultimate in comfort and fill living spaces with an abundance of light and ventilation.

The solar panel sits on the top edge of the outside of the window without increasing the frame size. There is no need for wiring, so installation is even quicker and easier than the VELUX INTEGRA® Electric windows. The solar cell requires direct exposure to the sunlight.

Like all VELUX centre-pivot roof windows the white polyurethane version has been manufactured using the highest quality materials and offer superb levels of insulation. The core is built using solid pine and encased in moisture-resistant white polyurethane.

Browse our collection of VELUX New Generation GGU Polyurethane centre-pivot INTEGRA® windows at Extons. They’re the ideal addition to pitched roofing projects, helping to transform attic conversions and kitchen extensions by cascading light into loft spaces.

Polyurethane windows create more daylight, give more comfort and use less energy. They will suit all living spaces offering a classic warm finish.

Benefits include:

• High-quality, maintenance free polyurethane finish with solid pine core.
• Responsive Rain sensor included - Window closes automatically in the event of rain.
• 10 year VELUX guarantee on windows and flashings. 3 year VELUX guarantee on electrical components.
• Sleek remote control with display.

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