Imerys Huguenot Clay Plain Tile

Imerys Huguenot Clay Plain Tile

Weathered Alezanne Paysage Quercy Slate Burnt Red

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Product Description

Imerys Phalempin Huguenot 20x30 Clay Plain Tile

Size - 200 x 300mm

Minimum Pitch - 30°

The Huguenot 20x30 clay plain tile is manufactured at St Germer de Fly in the Beauvais region. This innovative product combines the larger
economical size of 200 x 300mm with a discreetly shouldered cross camber and unique anti-capillary channels.

Available in six attractive colours, the 20x30 offers installation cost savings over traditional concrete or clay plain tiles without compromising aesthetics.

Available colours:
Weathered Huguenot
Alezanne Huguenot
Paysage Huguenot
Quercy Huguenot
Slate Huguenot
Burnt Red Huguenot