Sandtoft 20/20 Tiles

Sandtoft 20/20 Tiles

Tuscan Antiique Slate Natural Red Flaunders

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Product Description

Sandtoft 20/20 Tile

Size - 330 x 226 mm

Can be laid to as low as 15°

An interlocking clay tile with the appearance of a clay plain tile.

Range of 20/20 fittings available:
20/20 Left Hand Verge
20/20 Left Hand Verge Tile-and-a-half
20/20 Right Hand Verge Tile-and-a-half
20/20 Half Round Ridge
20/20 Half Round Monopitch Ridge
20/20 Third Round Hip Ridge Tile
20/20 Verge Clip
20/20 Tile Clip
20/20 Eaves Clip

Minimum - 15° (with 100mm headlap)

Covering capacity at maximum gauge - 22.7 tiles /m² at 100mm headlap