VELUX Replacement Glass

We provide Velux replacement glass products designed to provide heat and sound insulation along with added strength that aid in making your property safer. The replacement glass can reflect 60% of the heat normally lost through glass straight back into the room, helping you reduce energy costs during the winter months, saving you money.

Velux are one of the most renowned providers of quality window products and have a long history of supplying excellence consistently.

We take pride in our ability to provide quick quotes for products that exceed client expectation every single time. Extons can also provide next day deliveries to anywhere in the UK, so if you need Velux replacement glass quickly, we should be your first port of call. Since our inception, we have continued to grow our reputation as one of the UK’s foremost roofing product suppliers and now have clients using our products nationwide.

To find out more about us or the items we stick you can contact us directly by calling 020 8870 9916



VELUX IPL Replacement Glass
VELUX IPL Replacement Glass